We’ve been grilling up fresh and healthy pitas since 1995 in Canada. After 600+ locations around the world, and now in Saudi Arabia, we’ve got it down to an exact science. The difference is pretty simple actually: combine the best ingredients, let you put whatever you like on it, then serve it with love. Yes, love.

We Sincerely Hope You Enjoy the Healthy Choices and Smiling Service!

Even our packaging – boxes, sandwich wraps, napkins – is made from plants, not plastic. Compostable, sustainably sourced so you can chow down or take it to go guilt free. We know you’re busy, life is complicated, which is why we always keep it simple.

Good. Simply Fresh and Good.

Beyond Healthy Eating

How We Refine the Dine

Yup, we source the freshest ingredients and strive to provide the tastiest experience and best feels for our valued customers. Our staff, from senior management to that smiling face behind the ingredient counter, works hard to ensure our selections provide a delicious, fresh and healthy meal for you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We believe you don’t need to sacrifice healthy choices for a quick, tasty meal. That’s why we start our unique soft and roll-able pita bread, then fill it with your choice of lean, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, rich flavourful cheeses before we top it off with our savoury sauces.

Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating – We Mean It

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